Nova Heat Treated MTB 29er S-Bend Chain Stay 30/16mm - 8/6 - 445mm

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Nova CrMo Chain stay Oval 8-6 X 445mm long


  • Oval dimensions(mm)                           30-16
  • Wall thickness (mm                              0.8 x 0.6
  • Overall Length(mm)                             445
  • From small end length to bend(mm)     157
  • Length of center section(mm)                184
  • From large end length to bend(mm)      104
  • Small end diameter(mm)                       12.0
  • S-Bend chain stay can be used in a multipurpose fashion.
  • Heat Treated

*This is the heat treated version.  For the regular version please click here.

Reproduction of a True Temper Chain stay, designed in collaboration with Waterford Precision Cycles. 

PRICED & SOLD PER PAIR                

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