Columbus XCR Top Tube 28.6mm - .75/.45/.75 - 600mm

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Columbus XCR Top Tube

  • O.D. - 28.6mm
  • Length - 600mm
  • Butts - (L1 - 100mm) (T1 - 40mm) (LC- 320mm) (T2 - 40) (L2 - 100)
  • Thickness - (R1 - .75) (RC - .45) (R2 - .75)

XCr tubing is the only stainless and seamless tube family available in the cycling industry. XCr is made from a solid billet bar of stainless steel, and it is drawn out into a tube continuously until it reaches its final wall thickness, leading to incredible tensile strength. Also, XCr is rustproof - meaning no paint is necessary.

Suggested filler material for TIG welding: APX4S
Suggested material for brazing: T99 (ag 56% Cu 22% - Zn 17%)

Columbus PN# XCRC11600

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