BFD 4130 CrMo Seamless 31.8 X 740mm DT/TT

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 Bicycle Frame Depot 4130 CRMO 31.8 X 740mm Seamless Down Tube/Top Tube

  • Outside Diameter x Wall 1/Wall 2/Wall 3 x Length: 31.8 X0.8/0.5/0.8 X 740
  • Butts: 140/30/340/30/200

These beauties came from the manufacturer with the swaged end still on. Just chop it off with your rough cut. The tube will still be 740 after the swaged edge is taken off.

You will have a couple of mm of play to work with. If this is an issue, let us know and we can chop it for you. 

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