Nova AL7005 Shimano 142-12 Dropout

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Nova Aluminum 7005 Modular 142-12 Dropout for SHIMANO Axle Thread

  • The Shimano aluminum version in modular comes with a right left pair of inserts to accommodate the unique threading for Shimano quick releases. It is a Plug and Play system.
  •  The AL7005 Dropout Boss is 20.2mm wide
  • The Shimano and Maxle aluminum versions are also plug and play.

Tech Notes:

  • DT Swiss aluminum system is different from the Shimano and Maxle systems. The reason is that the DT Axle is shorter than the Shimano and the Maxle Axles. To accommodate the difference, we have a different non-drive side dropout that is modified by removing 5-6mm from the non-drive side through hole boss.
  •  This is a modular dropout allowing change between the three major axle specs (Shimano, Maxle, D.T. Swiss) and Road or Track.
142/12 Thread pitch specs:
  •  DT Swiss:            1.0
  •  Shimano:             1.5
  •  RockShox Maxle: 1.75

 The 142mm-12mm axle specification has a 4.3m countersink on the threaded side to allow adjustment of the Quick Release for correct lockup


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