Nova Road Shogun Lugs Stand Stainless Steel Pre-polished

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Nova Shogun Stainless Steel Lugs Set Pre-Polished

 Note: BB Shell is not included with Lug Set

  • Top Head: 73º/31.8mm/25.4mm
  • Bottom Head: 60º/31.8mm/28.6mm
  • Seat: 73º/28.6mm /25.4mm with seat stay socket inside diameter 10.3mm.

 For the seat stay sockets to fit you must use either a:

  •  14mm double tapered seat stay - Check the dimensions for compatibility
  • OR –
  • 16mm single taper seat stay - to be fitted over the socket (used internally)


  • Track with LR-15 plug dropouts-  Use Columbus Zona 16mm road stay (16mm x 12.5mm) or equivalent
  •  Road with Item # 202255-1030  Vertical with socket - Use Columbus Zona 16mm road stay or equivalent
  • Road, Track or Breezer style with any plate style (Road or Track),  use the Columbus 14mm double tapered seat stay

PLEASE NOTE: If you are trying to use these lugs with socket or plug style dropouts, you can only use a 16mm seat stay without severe modification of either the dropout socket or the seat lug socket.


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