Nova Investment Cast Road Lugs for Oversized Frame w/ Short 4 point Socket

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Nova Investment Cast Lugs for Road Oversize Frame w/Short 4 Point Socket

  • Super light lug set for oversize road bikes.
  • Sockets are a short, bikini style. The casting quality is very clean and precise and will not require a lot of clean up.
  • Lugs require precise mitering of the tubes. They will not hide poor quality miters. 
  • These are not recommended for beginning builders. 
  •  Fits A 36mm Headtube for 28.6 Steerer

Lugset Diameters

  • DT: 31.8
  • TT:  28.6
  • ST: 28.6 

Lugset Angles:

  • Seat:  74º
  • Top Head:  73.5º
  • Bottom Head:  59.5º           





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