Nova PF30 Bottom Bracket Shell with Center Relieved 49.4mm - 68.15mm

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Nova PF30 BB Shell 68mm Center Relieved

  • PF30 Superlight Lug less Bottom Bracket- Center Relieved & Externally reinforced for 68mm
  • This shell has an external "hoop" reinforcement to resist “ovalization” from welding. 
  • The inside is also relieved for better weld-ability and reduced weight.


  • CNC Machined from 4130 Seamless Stock
  • Width: 68.15mm- requires little or no finishing
  • Outside Diameter: 49.4mm
  • Outside reinforcement hoop Diameter:50.6mm
  • Inside diameter at the PF30 interface: 45.4mm- the part is delivered underside and must be finish reamed to 46.00
  • Depth of inside diameter reinforcement: 10mm before relief
  • Inside diameter is relieved to 46.9mm leaving a 1.25mm wall in the thin section.
  • 68.1mm Wide with internally relieved center.


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