Nova PF30 Bottom Bracket Shell with Center Relieved 49.14mm - 73.15mm

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PF30 Superlight Lug less Bottom Bracket- Center Relieved & Externally reinforced for 73mm

 This shell has an external "hoop" reinforcement to resist “ovalization” from welding. The inside is also relieved for better weldability and reduced weight.

 CNC Machined from 4130 Seamless Stock 

  • Width: 73.15mm- requires little or no finishing
  • Outside Diameter: 49.4mm
  • Outside reinforcement hoop Diameter: 50.6mm
  • Inside diameter at the PF30 interface: 45.4mm The part is delivered underside and must be finish reamed to 46.00.
  • Depth of inside diameter reinforcement: 10mm-before relief
  • Inside diameter is relieved to 46.9mm leaving a 1.25mm wall in the thin section.
  • 15mm Wide with internally relieved center.

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