Nova AL7005 142-12 Dropout

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 Nova AL7005 Modular Flat Mount 142-12 Dropout with MAXLE derailleur hanger

  • The MAXLE version in modular comes with a hanger to accommodate the 1.75 thread Spec for MAXLE quick releases. It is a Plug and Play system. 
  • The Dropout Seat stay boss is to accommodate a 16mm / 0.625 diameter miter tool 
  • The Drive Side Chain stay boss is to accommodate a 19mm / 0.750 diameter miter tool 
  • The non-Drive Side chain stay boss is a "D" shape with a 50º butt joint - intended for 19mm diameter with an inside press to give maximum clearance at the disc brake location.
  • The three 142-12 versions are also plug and play.


Tech Notes:

  • The 142mm-12mm axle specification has a 4.3m countersink on the threaded side to allow adjustment of the Quick Release for correct lockup

  • This is a modular dropout allowing a derailleur hanger change between the three major axle specs (Shimano, Maxle & D.T. Swiss)

 142/12 Thread pitch specs:

  • DT Swiss:                  1.0
  • Shimano:                   1.5
  • RockShox Maxle:      1.75





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