Llewellyn Road Handlebar Stem Lugs in Stainless Steel

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 Llewellyn Road Handlebar stem lugs in Non-Polished Stainless Steel

*A 28.6mm Extension Tube is included*

The stem lug features are:

  • Fits a 31.8 handle bar
  • Fits 25.4 (1” with sleeve) or 28.6 (1 1/8”) steerer tube.
  • The stem extension tube is at 84 degrees to the fork steerer axis. By turning the stem lug up or down the effective rise from center line can be approximately 23mm or 41mm
  • Easy mitering of the 28.6 diameter extension tube and easy perpendicular alignment of the handlebar axis to fork steerer axis.
  • Stainless steel lugs to avoid possible corrosion with the handle bar or fork.
  • Dependable lugged construction which also compliments the aesthetic of a lugged frame.
  • Room on the stem lug’s surface and shore line to allow one to shape to compliment the frame’s lug shape.


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