Llewellyn Road OS Lugs Model Manorina sloped Top Tube in Mild Steel

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 Llewellyn Road OS Lugs model Manorina in Mild Steel

This is a modern sloped top tube set of Llewellyn lugs. The lugs are tight and will require cleaning and clearance to be used and brazed.


  • Seat 79º    
  • Top Head 78º   
  • Bottom Head 60º

 Lug set Diameters:

  • DT: 31.7mm 
  • TT: 6mm 
  • ST: 28.6mm  
  • HT: 31.7mm

  Here are designer Darrell McCulloch's ideas about the design of these lugs:

“I needed an OS sloping top tube lug set for use under small to medium sized riders, or to allow the OS frame design to have a high handlebar height. After the success of the XL sloping top tube lug set, I was once again into the design process on the computer towards the end of 2005 for the OS set. These lugs reflect my taste for curvy but simple lug shorelines, which can be left as they are, or allow for elaboration if so desired.

The OS sloping lug set had to have all the usual desired features such as a stainless steel M6 cap-head seat binder bolt, cast M5 gear bosses on the Down Tube lug, and lots of seat tube skirt to allow the builder to trim the skirt to fit their desired seat stay attachment style.

I decided on a 6-degree slope to the top tube. I left lots of stack height on the top head lug that can be trimmed if desired to suit the frame design.”

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