Llewellyn Cadenzia Lugs Double OS Stainless Horizontal TT Seat Socket

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Llewellyn Cadenzia Double OS lugs in Stainless Steel  

Llewellyn Cycles castings are well designed, beautiful, unique and very thin. 

 The lugs specifications are:
Dimensions for ST/TT:31.8 x 31.8 and 73 degrees

 The head lugs specifications are:
 DT/HT :  35mm x 36mm and angle 60º
 TT/HT :  31.8mm x 36mm and angle 73º 

Here is Darrell's description of the lugs:

"The “Cadenzia” lug set is a joint design project between Italian frame building legend Dario Pegoretti and myself, Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch. 
Released in February 2009these are the world’s first road bike lugs for XL tube sizes with a level top tube.

The lug set sits along side the Llewellyn XL Compact lug set, so a builder can design frames with a either a level or sloping top tube using XL tube sizes. XL sized tubing is selected for the tall or big lads to ensure the bike has the correct handling properties."


Head Lugs to accompany the seat socket:https://www.cycle-frames.com/201307-3140-llewellyn-cadenzia-double-os-horizontal-tt-lugs-stainless-steel.html

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