Hammill 5" Radius Bending Ramp & Pivot

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 Hammill  5" Radius Ramp & Pivot 

The 5" Ramp and Pivot allows tighter smooth bends for fork blades, chain stays, and seat stays. It works great for making bends in S-Bend Seat stays, or tight old school front fork blade bends. It also can be used to correct the small end bend of overbent S-bend chain stays and seat stays.  The ramp fastens to your benchtop using 1/2" x 13 TPI bolts (not included).

Please note -the follower shoe must be relocated to an 8" radius distance. This will require re-drilling the raking arm for the bolt/pivot of the follower shoe.

 The ramp is an accessory for the HAMMILL FORK BENDER W/10" RAMP & PIVOT


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