Nova Campagnolo Style Upper Bottom Bracket Guides

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 Campagnolo Upper BB Guides (reproduction)

These vintage Campy "style" over the BB cable guides look identical to the originals, but are in fact reproductions intended for retro applications, restorations or other projects and do not bear the original “Campy” factory logo stamped into the parts.

They are made of 2.0mm thick quality steel material just like the original parts, unlike other reproductions made of thinner material, so they look and function as well as the original Campagnolo parts.

Installation tip: clean the BB area you intend to braze the part to and underside of each part with fresh emery cloth, apply a generous portion of silver flux and silver braze them to the BB shell. 

Brazing note: NEVER brush or apply flux to metal once it has been heated! This process will cause the affected area to CRACK!

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