Harris Low Fuming Brass Rod-3/32"

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HARRIS Weldcote Low Fuming Brass Rod 3/32" diameter

One of the standards of the industry, Weldcote low fuming brass has a balanced chemical composition of Copper and Zinc as well as alloying elements of tin, iron, manganese, and silicon. The high silicon content of Weldcote Low Fuming Brass keeps fumes to a minimum.

Less pricey than silver, this larger 3/32" brass rod is ideal for filet brazing, brazing conventional slotted rear or front dropouts, filling holes or gaps or brazing larger capillary joints where higher prolonged heat of 1670-1750F is not an issue. remember to always clean the area you plan to braze with emery cloth and always use plenty of brass brazing flux to clean and prevent oxidization to the effected area. 

Note: brass rod will not bond to stainless steel - for stainless steel use silver solder with the proper flux.


  • Tensile Strength:         65,000psi - regardless of gap or fit.
  • Brazing Temp range:   1670-1750F
  • Sold in 1/4lbs increments - please see options

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