Llewellyn Road Front Dropouts w/o Eyelet in Mild Steel

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Llewellyn Road Front dropouts without eyelet in Mild Steel

These are a beautiful, socket type fork dropout well designed by Darrell McCulloch with the builder in mind.

  • Axle slot is 9.4mm
  • Inside diameter of the socket is 13.7mm
  • Dropout has a breather hole.

     In Darrell's words:
    "There were dropouts available, but they were dimensionally incorrect, or they lacked some features I desired, such as two cast M5 eyelets for racks and fenders, thus avoiding the potential weakness of brazing M5 eyelets to the dropout. The eyelets are easily removed when not required, so why not cast them on? I also wanted an external lug socket style for ease of brazing and ease of alignment to the chain and seat stays. I also desired to match the aesthetics of my lugged frame and handle-bar stem construction.

I created two front dropouts, one with two M5 eyelets and one without eyelets. The front dropout wheel slot angle is suitable for curved or straight fork blades. The dropouts needed to look modern, work well, allow easy and accurate alignment during construction."

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