Nova Road Slant Six Oversized Lugs for 36mm Head Tube and Sloped Top Tube

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Nova Oversize Road Lug set-Slant 6

  • Fits:  36mm Head tube for 28.6mm Steerer
  • Sloped Top tube

Lugset Diameter:

  • DT: 31.8mm 
  • TT:  28.6mm  
  • ST: 28.6mm 

Lugset Angles:

  • Seat: 79º     
  • Top Head: 79º    
  • Bottom Head: 60º


HT-DT lug Design distances:

  • Bottom of DT socket to bottom edge of HT ring: 14.1mm
  • Top of TT socket to top edge of HT ring: 11.2mm

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