Nova Everest Style Investment Cast Lugs for Standard Road Frame w/ Short 4-point Socket

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 Nova Lugs for Standard Road frame with Short 4 point socket

Investment cast 

The sockets are a short, bikini style allowing for modern look.  The casting quality is very clean and precise and will not require a lot of clean up. 

Because the sockets are very short, these lugs require precise mitering of the tubes. they will not hide poor quality miters.  These are not recommended for beginning builders.

 Fits:  31.7mm Head tube for 1” steerer 

Lug set Diameters 

  • DT: 6mm  
  • TT:  4mm
  • ST:  28.6mm  

Lug set Angles:

  • Seat: 73°     
  • Top lug: 73.5°     
  • Bottom lug: 59.5°

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